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Modular Kitchen


Ever counted the hours you spend in your kitchen each day? With good design, unparalleled quality, and elegant forms, we uncomplicate your every minute spent and make it a sheer pleasure. The heart of your home, the kitchen now inspires you to cook, bond, indulge and more.


Cooking is an art,
so is kitchen design


…and a science, of course. So what makes the perfect kitchen? Is it the beauty, functionality, quality or price? We say it’s all that and more. We believe in intelligent and beautiful design. Our kitchen experts design every module of your kitchen to suit your needs, home, layout, style preferences, family size and even your cooking style! Choose from thousands of options to have a kitchen as unique as you.


Finishes, the tough and the beautiful

Choose from over 100 unique finishes — solid colors, trendy patterns, and wood textures to understated matt and glamorous high-gloss options, with Vivan you can get your kitchen looking exactly like your imagination. But these are more than just pretty finishes, they are durable, easy to maintain, and resistant to scratches, heat and water. We offer a choice of high pressure laminates, membrane and acrylic finishes for your kitchen cabinetry.


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Built to perfection,
fitted by experts

Your Livspace modular kitchen is custom crafted at the best manufacturing facilities, with automated machinery and global standards of production and safety. Stringent quality checks ensure that we deliver nothing but perfection. Your kitchen arrives at your doorstep within weeks and our trained professionals take care of installation with an exacting detail and ensuring perfect alignment.

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